Board of Directors

Eugene Wong

Eugene Wong is a seasoned entrepreneur, investment banker and investor. He serves on several boards and is the Managing General Partner of the Reno Seed Fund. His vast career includes roles as an advisor, director and investor to several companies, including Radixx International, IOTERRA/ Breadware Inc., Kabbage, Veracast Communications, Optimer Pharmaceuticals (IPO), First American International Bank (IPO) and Protection One Alarm Services (IPO).

Eugene enjoys splitting his time between Northern Nevada and California's Bay Area.

Jason March

Jason has a 20+ year career focused on building and mentoring exceptional teams capable of communicating the benefits of highly technical products with simple and scalable messaging. He is passionate about optimizing the sales message by understanding both the voice of the customer and the environment where the sales interactions occur.


Mick Hitchcock

Mick is a biochemist/microbiologist with 35+ years of experience in development of pharmaceuticals, with a particular emphasis on antiviral drugs. He contributes in various roles to many organizations including as a University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) Foundation Trustee as well as an Advisory Council Member at the UNR College of Science and UNR College of Business. He also serves as a board member and advisor for many life science companies.


Edward Park, PhD

Edward S. Park, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of NeuroReserve. Ed has over 15 years of experience in the research and development of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutritional therapeutics. Ed worked with major pharmaceutical and health care companies as an R&D advisor with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Health Industries Advisory. Before PwC, Ed worked at Altus Pharmaceuticals. Ed started his therapeutics career as an R&D associate at Bristol Myers Squibb. Ed holds a Ph.D. in Chemical-Biomolecular Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as a M.S. and M.B.A. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Del Ray Jackson, PhD

For nearly a decade, Del has managed lab automation products that accelerate biopharma drug discovery and development processes.  He has helped develop and maintain automated, high throughput solutions for a variety of biologics and gene therapy workflows with an approach to product that keeps customer needs paramount. He enjoys working with established and newer automation companies to implement product strategies that deliver quality solutions for key improvements, which ultimately help propel scientific discovery of new therapeutics forward.  

Aaron Bonk, PhD

Aaron Bonk has 20+ years of experience in the Life Sciences industry and is currently the CEO at Zeitigen. His specialties include genomics, molecular biology, sequencing, lab automation and robotics. Additionally, he possesses expert knowledge of instrumentation and workflows.

Team Contacts

Justin Ferranto, PhD

Justin Ferranto holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of California, Davis as well as a Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nevada, Reno. Justin has experience in multiple industries including; Laboratory Automation, Medical Device Manufacturing, Lithium Battery Design and Manufacturing, Thin Film Deposition and Composite Materials.

Jessica Gagliano

Jessica is an accomplished Operations/HR professional with 10+ years experience managing cross-functional, goal-driven teams that achieve desired results. She joined ClickBio in 2017. Her attention to detail and ability to effectively support all areas of the business have made her an integral part of the company.

Jon Shopes

Jon recently graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Jon has a background in prototyping and additive manufacturing as well as additional experience working with computer aided design software and manufacturing lab equipment. With his strong foundation in mechanical engineering and hands-on experience in prototyping, Jon is poised to bring innovative solutions to ClickBio as he embarks on this exciting new chapter in his engineering career.