Who is ClickBio?

We’re an agile team that specializes in designing, building, and delivering mission-critical laboratory tools since 2015. When designing tools with us, you’ll work directly with our engineering team. They’re supported by our operations and logistics team who work to ensure every customer receives the same high level of care.

Why does ClickBio exist?

Because biology and engineered systems don’t always play nicely together. We design and build the adaptive tools necessary to perfect the relationship between your science and engineered systems.

How do design projects work?

We start with a conversation to understand your needs and how they align with our capabilities. If we decide to proceed, we’ll gather design requirements, proceed to alpha (early stage) prototyping, then beta (late stage) prototyping, and finally we’ll move into final design production. For large or complex projects, each stage is quoted and completed separately to reduce the technical and financial risk for our clients.

What are your capabilities?

Our greatest strength is our imagination. We design and build creative tools from a variety of materials. Custom rare earth magnets. PTFE. Anodized aluminum. Die cut gaskets. Stainless steel. Laser marking. Nearly any plastic that exists. We can even gamma and e-beam irradiate. In short, if it can be 3D printed, machined, or injection molded, we can build it.

How long do projects take?

For simple designs like custom racks that can be machined or produced in low volume via 3D printing, we typically complete the design in a day or two. Manufacturing takes anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks.

For more complex projects like injection molded consumables, the full project from concept to finished goods can take anywhere from 10 to 20 weeks. This depends on how many iterative design cycles are required, plus the lead time to produce the injection mold tooling. We work well on tight timelines, and do our best to accommodate your deadlines.

what about your stock products?

We maintain an inventory of popular stock products which are available for immediate delivery.

This inventory of products evolved from 125+ custom designs.

So... that's it?

  • No! Greater than 95% of our historical design portfolio is not for sale on the open market. These devices include custom pneumatics, magnetic devices, bioreactors, tube racks, neuroscience monitoring devices, and much more!