On Deck Reagent Solutions

ClickBio offers products designed to improve throughput and yield in your lab. Our on deck reagent solutions are here to help you optimize your methods. Achieve better results faster with ClickBio.


  • Applications for ClickBio products include:

    • NGS Library Recovery
    • Low Dead Volume Reservoir
    • Cell Culture Media Changes
    • General Reagent Removal and Recovery
    • Disposable and Aseptic Reservoir compatible with our Fill Station and Waste Station 

How can I make my NGS Library recovery faster and more efficient?

By inverting your NGS adapter ligation plate into ClickBio’s VBLOK and centrifuging to collect your samples, you can achieve a 15% to 20% improvement in library recovery over pipette tip-based aspiration and dispensing of prepared NGS libraries.

How much of your liquid is lost to inaccesible dead volumes?

When reagents are aspirated with a single channel or multichannel pipette, ClickBio’s unique VBLOK geometry has a dead volume of <1 mL, ensuring very high recovery of valuable reagents compared to flat bottom reservoirs.

Can I improve the health of my cells during media changes?

By inverting your cell culture plates into VBLOK and centrifuging to completely remove spent media, ClickBio’s VBLOK is ideal for contactless removal of cell culture media. Ensure a high level of adherent cell health by briefly and gently centrifuging your culture plates to remove spent media.

Can I recover more reagent in my ELISA process?

By inverting your ELISA plates into VBLOK and centrifuging to remove spent reagents, ClickBio’s VBLOK may be used to optimize coating protocols of multiwell plates, ensuring complete reagent removal from the plate for surface modification and bioconjugation protocols.


How can I have unlimited volumes in a disposable aseptic reservoir?

ClickBio’s VBLOK is a convenient and disposable aseptic reservoir compatible with our Waste Station and Fill Station, ensuring aseptic removal and delivery of liquid reagents to your automated liquid handling system.

Accessories / Related Products

These additional accessories expand the utility of the VBLOK200 and are designed to integrate seamlessly into the deck of your existing automated liquid handler.

Smarter Reagent Fill Station

Looking to add additional reagent capacity to the deck of your liquid handler? Don’t want to go through the hassle of integration and reprogramming? Need a sterile fluid path and recirculation? The Fill Station has it all!

The Bottomless Waste Station

Does your application generate large volumes of waste reagents? Add a vacuum trap and securely store the excess waste off deck with our Bottomless Waste Station.

VBLOK200 Adapter

Add temperature control and shaking to your reagent reservoir. Compatible with popular on deck heating, cooling, and shaking devices. See VBLOK200 Adapter