XBLOK2412 Plate, Case
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XBLOK2412 Plate, Case

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XBLOK2412 E-beam Irradiated is currently out of stock. Standard XBLOK2412 is available and ships within 24 hours.

ClickBio's XBLOK2412

  • 24 x 12mL deep well plate
  • The LARGEST VOLUME 24 well plate on the market!
  • Standard ANSI-SLAS microplate footprint
  • Commonly used in nucleic acid extraction workflows, COVID sample preparation, parallel fermentation and suspension cell culture, and tissue homogenization.  
  • Available E-beam irradiated for aseptic workflows.

Compatible with our XBASE24 Dual Magnetic Plate for manual and automated magnetic particle workflows.  

 XBLOK2412 - Individually wrapped - 20 per case